Ebbert Labrador Retrievers
& Golden Retrievers
Carly's litter of 11 pups sired by Bon were born July 16th. There were 4 boys and 7 girls.
This is Carly's second litter and therefore she is a pro at being a mother, illustrating this
by keeping her pups spotlessly clean and nursing them well so that they are gaining
steady weight. These pups should have adorable temperaments and mellow to moderate
energy levels. They will be very trainable and should love water as Carly loves the pool.
There are males and females still available from this litter. Please contact Shelley at
sebbert@ucsd.edu or (619) 200-6819 for more information on these nice pups.
Carly X Bon 7/16/2015
Carly loves her babies!
Proud to be a mom